Despite two degrees from the United States, Halden has ventured into internal territory while completing a foreign exchange student program in Paris, France. During this time period, he also found extra time in order to travel to Switzerland where he became fascinated with the art of skiing. Upon returning to the home of the brave and land of the free, Zimmermann began utilizing his extensive knowledge about mechanical and electrical engineering. He was placed on a team where he would develop a racing vehicle that is depending upon solar energy. He was deemed the team captain due to his innate leadership qualities. His mind was set on creating one of the most technologically advanced solar-powered vehicles in the history of this planet. The starting location of this competition was designated in Denver, Colorado.  The finish line was over 2,000 kilometers away in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Despite having success with the competition, he was set on exploring more facets of life. Halden decided to take part in developing his personal skill set when he became extremely well-versed within the art of mixed martial arts. He would continue on to defeat formidable opponents and represent his division in national tournaments. He became a the top sparring partner within his training facility in a matter of only months. Following his endeavor in  mixed martial arts, he began focusing on his professional career.



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