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Stuart Lyall Discusses Benefits of Thoughtful Travel Planning

Some of my most enjoyable travel experiences have been the result of complete spontaneity, but, at the same time, some of my most disastrous experiences have also been the direct result of the total lack of advance planning on my part. Seeking to re-create the amazing travel experiences I enjoyed without having to risk the possibility of another disaster, I sought the advice of Stuart Lyall, an Australian travel expert who has spent a great deal of time planning trips throughout Asia and clearly understands the value of advance planning.

After sharing my previous travel experiences and discussing the wide range of outcomes stemming from my habit of taking off on spontaneous trips without much thought, Stuart indicated that my unpredictable results were not at all surprising and were also not all that uncommon. Stuart explained that spontaneity is an important component of an enjoyable travel experience, but the only way to ensure a wholly positive experience is to work on creating a thoughtful advance travel plan that retains enough flexibility that plans can be altered when necessary.

So, how exactly does Stuart Lyall strike such a precise balance when making travel plans for his clients? According to Lyall, his approach to advance planning primarily focuses on creating an outline rather than developing an overly detailed itinerary. The latter approach is a mistake that far too many travelers make, particularly when failing to strictly adhere to the itinerary throws the rest of the schedule off. On the other hand, a total lack of planning creates similarly difficult circumstances, as even the most spontaneous travelers will end up spending too much time figuring out what to do and where to go, all while possibly missing out on some great travel experiences.

Stuart Lyall showed me how to create a basic framework for a relatively lengthy trip that included stops in Japan, Korea and China, while also accounting for my desire to avoid committing to a specific amount of time in any given location. Given his previous experience traveling throughout Asia, he was also able to share some of his insight regarding several must-see destinations that are not exactly well known to most travelers. With Stuart’s guidance, I now feel confident that my next trip to Asia — along with any other future trips I take — will yield plenty of excitement and will undoubtedly benefit from advance planning and expert assistance.

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