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Halden began his career in manufacturing as an engineer for ITT Automotive, a Global Tier 1 components manufacturer supplying electronics systems to major automotive companies like GM, Toyota, Honda and BMW. While here, his role expanded from manufacturing engineering and product development, to continuously improve quality. Then plant management, where he was tasked to lead

03 Mar 2016

Nancy Behrman Reviews Strategies for a Successful PR Campaign

Nancy Behrman’s lengthy career in the public relations industry has been marked by the kind of innovation that has radically altered the manner in which other PR firms do business, and the founder of Behrman Communications has remained entirely committed to continuing to push for further strategic innovation in order to consistently yield the greatest

20 Apr 2016

Stuart Lyall Discusses Benefits of Thoughtful Travel Planning

Some of my most enjoyable travel experiences have been the result of complete spontaneity, but, at the same time, some of my most disastrous experiences have also been the direct result of the total lack of advance planning on my part. Seeking to re-create the amazing travel experiences I enjoyed without having to risk the

24 Feb 2016

Communication and Connection In Marketing

If you were to define the term, “Marketing” in your own words, what would you say it is? How would you describe it? The most common answer goes a little something like this. Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers in order to sell the product or service.

06 Dec 2015

Guide to High Impact Blogs

In this video you will discover a comprehensive guide to discover techniques of creating blog sites with engaging content. The book mentioned in this video can be purchased through this portal.

05 Dec 2015

Quick Recovery Guide to B2B Marketing 2015b

The head of marketing is many times the ultimate punching bag for organic growth not hitting the target. The sales teams are always screaming, “We want the good leads!”…right? God forbid there is a restructure, marketing is far from safe as well…right? DON’T PANIC…I am going to outline 3 short-term impact steps that will increase

30 Nov 2015

Sense of Urgency: Part 2

This is the continuation from part 1. When we look at Dr. Kotter’s Model for sense of Urgency, it really ties to a company’s success factors. Something extremely interesting is that when both processes are reviewed, the number one thing that is attributed to developing a true sense of urgency is Going to Gemba! There is a strategy

14 Feb 2014

Sense of Urgency: Part 1

When we think about continuous development of highly innovative technology, changing political environments, globalization and steep growth, tough competition, mergers and acquisitions, it’s a whirlwind of rapid change that fosters urgency. Urgency means a sense of pressing importance. To live out success factors, its crucial to be able to distinguish between a “true sense of urgency” and a

17 Jan 2014

Five Forces

Five Forces by Halden Zimmermann The Five Competitive Forces model is a framework created by Michael E. Porter in 1980. He included it in his book, “Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors.” This model is a tool used frequently in organizing an analysis of a company’s positioning and risks associated with entering to

09 Dec 2013
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